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Remote Access to Your Lagoon

Simply put, LagoonPro gives you remote access to your Lift Station/Lagoon controller like you’ve never seen before. Tapping directly into the brain of the Lagoon system, LagoonPro provides equipment and sensor visibility, data logging and monitoring from anywhere.

Performance Stats

Easily check the performance of your equipment—including pumps, lift stations and more.

Alerts via Smart Device

Know when it’s time to perform maintenance, empty your pit, or if an emergency occurs.

Step 01

Contact us to request a demo where we will go over each farms specific needs.

Step 02

We will review the farms electrical specs and provide a quote.

Step 03

Await delivery and start farming smart with your new LagoonPRO.

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The Benefits of LagoonPro

Reduce the Risk of Environmental Damage

Lagoon spills harm ecosystems and pose human health hazards by contaminating water, soil, and air with pollutants and harmful gases. Real-time monitoring can prevent spills.

Remote Access to Your Service Team

LagoonPro integrates into your Lift Station/Lagoon Controller also provides remote access to your Service Team, so they can diagnose, root cause and potentially fix a problem off-site.

Practice Preventive Maintenance

LagoonPro uses real-time alerts to your smart device, enabling farmers to catch potential lagoon and equipment issues before an actual breakdowns occurs.


If you don't see your question answered below, please don't hesitate to contact our team for expert advice.

On which devices can I access LagoonPro?

LagoonPRO can be access by any smart device: smart phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

How much does LagoonPro cost?

Please contact us for product demos and pricing.

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