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Science-Based Feed Planning

FeedPro is an advanced feed planning solution that optimizes farm operations using intelligent data modelling and animal science algorithms. It generates feed orders based on actual consumption, forecasts feed planning up to four weeks, requires minimal human intervention, and has no hardware requirements.

Over 90% Accuracy

Animal science algorithms based on actual feed consumption allows for over 90% accuracy in your feed modelling automation.

No Hardware Requirements

That's right—zero hardware is required with FeedPRO, making it an easy solution for farm optimization.

Step 01

Request a demo with our specialized team to find out if the FeedPRO is right for you.

Step 02

Our team collects and assesses your feeding data to set up your new schedule.

Step 03

Get full access to your new feed schedules with the FeedPRO app.

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The Benefits of FeedPRO

Maximize Animal Growth

FeedPro uses consumption data and modelling in order to improve weigh predictions, resulting in over a 20x return on investment.

Optimize Fleet Efficiency

With intelligent data modelling, prioritize orders to bins that need it the most, eliminating rush orders, and ensuring each load delivered is full.

Improve Feed Planning

With FeedPro there is no need for multiple points of data entry. Feed orders are system generated based on usage and feed delivery input.


If you don't see your question answered below, please don't hesitate to contact our team for expert advice.

Do I need to any hardware to use the FeedPRO?

No! Zero hardware is required with the FeedPRO!

How far into the future can the FeedPRO forecast feed planning?

The FeedPRO has the ability to forecast feed planning up to four weeks.

Does the FeedPRO handle more than one animal type?

Yes! The FeedPRO handles multiple animal types, including sow, finisher, and nursey.

Can the FeedPRO integrate with 3rd party systems?

Yes! The FeedPRO can integrate with 3rd party feed production, inventory management, and financial systems. Contact us to learn more.

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